Sorting system

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Reference Dolang AUT1007A


The didactic sorting system AUT1007A is an automated system that is inserted into a production line and to insure:
·The transfer and the sorting of pieces,
·The counting by type of pieces
·The idendification of pieces of different natures
The appliance, largely inspired from the real industry, comprises three workstations: the first one is the loading, the second one is the transfer and the third one is the control and the evacuation.
All of the components of the system(actuator, preactuator and capters) are arranged in a simple way in order to make easier the teaching exploitation and the studies of each component.
Controllable system by:
The charging of a piece on the conveyer belt is executed by a pneumatic double acting cylinder.
The transfer is realized by a conveyer belt which is drived by a direct current motor. The control of the pieces is insured by direct current capters of different natures(analogical, logical and digital) that give out the information of colors and materials. The presence and the evacuation of a piece is insured by a pneumatic double acting cylinder.
The different inputs/outputs of the system are also accessible on the front by the security terminal of 4 mm diameter in order to retrieve different values about the operation part, the command part and also the exterior command of different actuators and pre-actuators.
All of the components of the system(actuators, pre-actuators and capters)are arranged in a simple way in order to make easier the teaching exploitation and the studies of each component.
All of the cylinders is commanded by electropneumatical distributor. The conveyer is drived by a direct current motor + speed reducing gears with the function of changing the speed.
The mechanical part presents the visible technological solutions and demonstrates the guide functions in translation and in rotation.
· Studies of the coupling of motor + reducer and the conveyer tambour
· Studies of mechanical reducer of speed
· Studies of mechanical pieces of charging system and the relations of them(guide in translation)
· Studies of two conveyer tambours for the guide in rotation
Transparent protection case cover in plexiglas that conforms the security usage norms in the domain of apprentice and the norm of ISO9001 of version 2000.
Integrated and protected power supply 220V-50Hz(2 poles + ground)
Mechanical protection of the whole
Piloting software help realize the management of system with the ability of personalizing the functioning cycle with the assistance of GRAFCET.License with unlimited installation
The programing of system is realized by an electronic cart that is based on a microcontroller of PIC type of Microchip, by programmable automat and also by PC via the port USB that is situated on the right side of the system.
Delivered with:
-          Cable of power supply
-          Cable of USB connection
-          Piloting software in PC Windows (compatible for all the recent versions) with many unlimited installations in multipostes
-          Dust coat and moistness coat
-          Usage manual in French with drawings of the whole and the electrical schema of the system
-          Practical system
Instrumentation and measurement
Apparatus of Instrumentation, Measurement, Controller and Regulation for teaching: Wattmeter, voltmeter, oscilloscope, ohmmeter…
As a specialist of the instrumentation and the system of acquisition, EDULAB proposes to you a large range of apparatus of measurement and control, instruments of portable measurement and of laboratory, equipment of industry operations and instruments of calibration.